The following is the Editor's Letter from the Tullahoma Campaign issue, Volume 27, #1.

Tullahoma Revisited

Eighteen years ago we did a feature on the Tullahoma Campaign that included an article by William B. Feis and a separate but related article on Wilder’s Lightning Brigade by Roy Morris, Jr. This one is a much more in-depth treatment in the style of presentation that has evolved in B&G over the past dozen or so years.

Michael R. Bradley, retired professor of history at Motlow College, Lynchburg, Tennessee and author of a book on the campaign, was my able guide, along with cavalry (and flag) authority Greg Biggs. We completed our field work in late April just as the rain began that flooded Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee—a fitting climax to the study of a campaign that has gone down in history as one of the most miserable, wet, and muddy twelve days on record.

It was William S. Rosecrans’ finest hour. The Union cavalry in the West reached a turning point. And Braxton Bragg had to deal with, in his own words, “a great disaster.”