The following are the Letters from Editor Dave Roth that have appeared in Blue & Gray. These letters are a nice introduction for each issue.

The Bermuda Hundred Campaign: The Bermuda Hundred Campaign

The Battle of Tupelo: Battle of the Crater

The Battle of the Crater: Battle of the Crater

The Battle of Franklin: Franklin's 150th

Gettysburg Town Fight: Gettysburg Town Fight

Morgan's Raid: Morgan's Raid

Missionary Ridge: Missionary Ridge

The Battle of Second Manassas Pt 2: Lee's Greatest Victory

The Battle Chancellorsville Pt 1: 150th Anniversary

The Battle of Second Manassas Pt 2: Longstreet and Porter Attack

The Battle of Second Manassas: Second Manassas

The Battle of Cross Keys: Cross Keys Battlefield

The Battle of Stones River: Stones River Revisited

The Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson: 150th Anniversary Issue

The Civil War in Indian Territory: Indian Territory's Civil War

The Battle of Port Republic: Luray Valley, 1862

GUEST EDITORIAL: Battlefield Preservation Is A Duty to Take Seriously

The Battle of Spotsylvania: Spotsylvania

The First Battle of Manassas: Welcome to the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

The Florida Brigade at Gettysburg: The Tale of Two Brigades at Gettysburg

Van Dorn's Holly Springs Raid: Earl Van Dorn

3rd Winchester: Winchester, VA

The Tullahoma Campaign: Tullahoma Revisted

Hancock's Line at Gettysburg: Brother Against Brother

The Battle of Chickasaw Bayou: Chickasaw Bayou

The Battles of Bristoe Station: Bristoe Station

The Battle of The Bloody Angle, or "Mule Shoe" : The Bloody Angle

The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky: Blue & Gray's 150th Issue

Fredericksburg: The Real Battle of Fredericksburg: The Slaughter Penn

Fredericksburg: Attack at the Stone Wall: Back to Fredericksburg

The 145th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Adress: 25 Hours at Gettysburg: The Wills House.

Chickamauga Part 5 • Battle of Chickamauga, Day 2, Volume 25, #2: Chickamauga 145.

Fort Stedman • Lee's Last Offensive, Volume 25, #1: Blue & Gray is 25.

Chickamauga Part 4 • Battle of Chickamauga, Day 1, Volume 24, #6: Chickamauga Part 4.

The Battle of Fisher's Hill, Volume 24, #5: Fisher's Hill

The Fight at Davis Bridge Tennessee, Volume 24, #4: That Rogue Van Dorn.

Chickamauga Part 3 • The Armies Collide!, Volume 24, #3: Chickamauga Part 3.

Gettysburg: Action at the Wheatfield, Volume 24, #2: Gettysburg Battlefield Guides.

The Battle of Cedar Creek, Volume 24, #1: Grant's Final Days.

Chickamauga • Bragg's Lost Opportunity, Volume 23, #6: Chickamauga Continues.

Action At Petersburg, Volume 23, #5: No Talk, More Action.

The Chickamauga Campaign, Volume 23, #4: The Chickamauga Campaign.

The Shenandoah Valley: July 1864, Volume 23, #3: Filling a Gap and Farnsworth's Ghost

The Little Bighorn Campaign, Volume 23, #2: Custer Could Have Won It.